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June 29, 2001
Designated Civil Surgeons List (Copy)
U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service
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Derived From Form 3230 Dated 02/98 U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. Department of Justice

Immigration & Naturalization Service
Texas Service Center

PO Box 851488
Mesquite. Texas 75185-1488


The address for filing petitions and applications at the Texas Service Center is as follows:

US. Department of Justice

Immigration and Naturalization Service
P.O. Box (Insert correct box number Listed below)
Mesquite. Texas (Insert correct Zip Code listed below)

Post Office Box Numbers and Zip Codes for forms:

I-90 P.O. Box 851443 75185-1443
I-40, I-290B, I-360,I-526, I-829 P.O. Box 852135
I-129 P.O. Box 852211 75185-2211
I-129F, I-212, I-612, I-751, I-817 P.O. Box 850965 75185-0965
I-102, I-131, I-539, I-824 P.O. Box 851182 75185-1182
I-130 P.O. Box 850919 75185-0919
I-485, I-181 P.O. Box 851804 75185-1804
I-589, I-213, FD-258 P.O. Box 851892 75185-1892
I-765 P.O. Box 851041 75185-1041
N-400 P.O. Box 851204 75185-1204
General Correspondence P.O. Box 851488 75185-1488

NOTE: Use the box number for the principal application if more than one application is concurrently submitted.. For example, if an I-485 is submitted with an I-130, I-765, the application should be mailed to the Post Office box number for the I-485.Er-720-720- TSC

(02/98 3230 - Derived From Form #3230, Not An Official Form)

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